How to Wear a Yukata

Japanese hot spring resort and yukata are inseparable. Visitors dressed in yukata are a common sight at Naruko Onsen Village. How about trying one and really getting into the spirit of Japanese spa culture!

A yukata is a casual type of kimono. In modern times, they are often worn to summertime fireworks displays and temple festivals, or when participating in Bon-Dances, or other festive occasions. The yukata available in Japanese ryokan inns are usually a simplified style designed for use in spa resorts. They traditionally have white and dark blue patterns, and are worn as nightclothes.
Yukata are placed in each guest room. They are washed and clean and ready for use. They are available in various sizes, so choose one that fits your height (ideally one with the hemline falling just above the ankles). If those in your room don’t fit, please call the front desk and we will arrange one of the right size.
At spa resorts, you can go out in yukata, as well as use them as nightclothes. At Naruko Onsen Village, you can wear yukata not only in the inn but also outside for a stroll around the village. When going out in yukata, you should wear Japanese traditional footwear such as geta (wooden clogs), zori (Japanese sandals) or setta (leather-soled sandals). Some inns have this type of traditional footwear to loan out. So contact the staff if you wish to try them.
※Unlike spa resorts, urban hotels often prohibit guests from going out of their room in yukata. So be careful!
Fold the yukata neatly after use and leave it in the guest room before checking out. Yukata, haori, and other clothing are only for temporary use during your stay, and must not be taken home.