How to Bathe in an Onsen or Public Bath

The Naruko hot spring resorts offer a wonderful opportunity for experiencing an onsen, hot spring, which is very popular among Japanese people. Please enjoy the onsen at an inn or a nearby public bath while observing the following etiquette and manners throughout the relaxing experience.

In principle, people take off all clothes before bathing in the onsen. Don’t be shy because every bather will be naked. As most onsen and public baths are equipped with soap and shampoo, all you have to bring is a towel or a washcloth.
By rinsing your body with hot water from the onsen, you will remove sweat and impurities. Please rinse the lower half of your body with particular care. Also, this step allows your body to get used to the water temperature before entering the bath.
When you enter into the bath, slowly lower yourself while paying attention not to splash water on others around you. If you spend too much time in the bath, you may get heat exhaustion. Please leave the bath before feeling any symptoms of over heating.
Please take care not to splash water on the people around you. When you finish washing, rinse the washing bowl and stool and return them to where they originally were.
After soaking in the onsen once more to warm up, leave the bathing area without taking a second shower. If you take another shower, the beneficial minerals of the onsen water will be washed away.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do